Saturday, 28 April 2007

Retracing our steps.

12 Locks 11 miles and 1 tunnel,Now moored bridge 8 Leicester Line.
Total of 236 locks and 262 miles and 11 Tunnels since 5th Nov 2006

By the time we arose Jean had already walked to Braunston turn and back to work up an appetite.
We eventually set off and did the short run into Braunston where we stopped to show our guests around the marina etc: Around 11am we were on the move again up through the Braunston flight in the company of a hire boat for the first 2 locks then we had a change of company with Petrioc which was a very nice new boat on its maiden voyage. At the top lock we opted to push on through the tunnel and have lunch at the other end which proved to be the right decision as we only met 1 boat exiting the tunnel as we were about to enter and 1 boat at the other end which worked out well.
At the Watford flight we were the only boat so when we eventually found the lady lock keeper in her office at the top of the flight she said that we could proceed all the way to the top. By now Jim and Jean are really starting to get the hang of this locking business and enjoying the experience.

Now a couple of weeks ago when we passed through the flight we reported a Warbler sitting on eggs in one of the lock gates, well we have to report that it appears that the constant movement must have been to much for the bird and she appears to have deserted the nest with 2 eggs in the nest.
By the time we reached lock 6, lock 7 was already set for us and there was a boat waiting in the holding pound waiting to go down so it was a pretty fast trip up through the flight.
We are now moored by bridge 8 which is a very pleasant spot which we have used before. Dot, Jim and Jean then went off to explore the village of Watford. When they returned they said that there police notices up around the village warning people about con artists in the area who lure people away from the house with a distraction and 1 of their mates nips into the house and pinches what ever he can lay his hands on. There was even a sign on the church to say that everything in the church had been micro chipped and recorded.
We hope to get through Crick tunnel early tomorrow before other boats start to move.

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BigJohn said...

Hi again, Derek & Dot,

I think you met our friends from Cornwall: Geoff & Gill on "Petroc" (no 'i'). It does look like a nice boat. We're looking forward to meeting them at Crick at the end of May.