Friday, 21 August 2009

Brilliant Idea.

7 Locks, 2 Miles now moored at bridge 144.

Despite the ominous black clouds hanging around this morning we had to move. We hadn’t been on the move long when we spotted a recycle and waste oil depot which is a joint venture between BW and the Pendle Borough Council. As I had been carrying used engine oil for quite a while trying to find somewhere to legally dispose of it this was an opportune moment. Admittedly the site is right alongside the council yard which is quite handy but why can’t they do something similar at BW depots because there are always 4 and 5 litre containers of used engine oil dumped and hidden away at BW refuse points? Just a thought.

Burnley 047 Pendle Borough council recycle plant with a used engine oil receptacle. Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Pushing on it wasn’t long before we reached Barrowford Locks which will lift us another 69ft towards the summit. At the first lock Dot found a young man who must have wanted something to do because despite the heavy rain showers he helped her with 5 out of the 7 locks. Between locks 48 and 47 we had a look at the huge Barrowfield reservoir which stores excess water from the summit level.It looked at bit low but I suppose there was still a few million litre’s in there.

Burnley 050British Waterways Barrowford Reservoir on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal which stores excess water from the summit level.

At the top lock we refilled the water tank and then moved to the end of the visitor moorings where it seemed a bit more sheltered from the wind. These moorings have mooring bollards and rings stretching for over a ¼ of a mile. The weather is slowly improving but this is as far as we are going today.

1795 locks, 3696miles, 67 tunnels, 86 swing bridges and 53 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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