Thursday, 27 August 2009


With the heavy rain today as forecast we opted for a stay at home day.  No point in getting wet if we don’t need to.  The elderly couple on Nb Waterwych II have stayed put as well so weather permitting we’ll head for Skipton tomorrow.

Gargrave 007 Lovely old cottages in Gargrave, West Riding of Yorkshire.Gargrave 005Fancy naming a boat this! No it's not Dorothy's.Gargrave 009  Dot thought she was at home here in Gargrave. Gargrave 011Gargrave Wharf, Leeds & Liverpool Canal.Gargrave 017Gargrave, West Riding of Yorkshire.Gargrave 023  St Andrews Church, Splendid stain glass windows.Gargrave 028 Beautiful display of Begionia's. There is a gypsy caravan in the down stairs window and a rocking horse in the upstairs window.


Peter said...

Lovely photos, Gargrave is very nice, the church was the only one to survive when the Scots invaded and killed everyone in the town. St Andrews you see!
Gargrave isnt a bad place to be stuck while you wait for the weather to improve.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Peter
Yes Gargrave is a lovely place even in the rain. Glad you enjoyed the photos