Thursday, 6 August 2009


Last evening we spent a couple of hours on board Nb Petroc with Geoff and Gill sampling a couple of wines, one red and a white which met with everybody's approval. Two years of travels took a lot of catching up and the wine kept parched palettes lubricated. We must have wet their appetite's regarding the Liverpool Link but alas the days that they tried to book to go in are unavailable. Wouldn’t you just know it, weeks of little or no activity and then all of a sudden it’s a stampede. Sorry guy’s.

Rufford Arm 017 Nb Petroc with Gypsy Rover at Tartleton

As we are not doing the Ribble Link to the Lancaster Canal we decided to visit Preston by bus. We knew that there is a large dealership in motorhomes in the area so we incorporated this into the days activities. This proved to be quite informative and gave us some more information to work with.

Preston was nothing out of the ordinary as far as large town’s go, a few interesting buildings and an outdoors activities shop was having a closing down sale. Here we spied some tramping boots half price so we ventured in to try them on for size. We both walked out with a brand new pair of boot’s which will come in handy for the forthcoming Autumn and Winter.

baptist church Preston Baptist Church

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