Sunday, 9 August 2009

You’ve got to be quick.

1 Lock, 2 Miles. Now moored at Appley Lock.

Appeley lock 002 The Leeds and Liverpool diesel boat.  This canal was built for these wide beam boats.

A quick trip to the shops for a couple of bits and bobs and then it was up up and away. Appley lock was our intention but we suspected that it might be full of local boats as it is a lovely mooring. I should explain that there used to be 3 locks here ,two shallow locks on one side of an  island (the 2 locks is now derelict but intact.) and on the other a much deeper (12 foot) lock, this is the lock currently in use. There is quite a long approach to the unused two locks which can hold up to 6 or 7 boats and seems to be a popular mooring for those in the know.

When we arrived at Appley lock we were surprised to find only one boat in residence who was just in the process of leaving so we virtually got the pick of the moorings. As the day wore on the situation soon changed with another 3 boats arriving but one only came for a bit of fishing and has since left.

Appeley lock 003 Gypsy Rover at Appley lock. I am trying to get an eel off my hook.

During the course of the day there has been a steady succession of boats through the other lock including a hire boat who’s crew had never done a lock and were at a complete loss. I took sympathy with them and guided them through the process to be rewarded at the end of it all with 3 cans of lager, cheers guy’s.

As for the fishing I have lost 2 hooks with catching 2 eels and a bream. Last nights fishing at Parbold wasn’t much better but I did have the funny experience of catching 2 fish at once. I had hooked a small tiddler and was reeling it in when all of a sudden the rod bent double and it was all on. A rather large Perch decided he wanted my catch for his dinner and whammo 2 fish in one go.

Appeley lock 005 Appley lock mooring and there are too many to sleep on this boat so they bought tent city with them.

1749 locks, 3645 miles, 66 Tunnels, 82 swing bridges and 53 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Peter said...

Ambush looks huge riding so high out of the water while empty.

Derek and Dot said...

He wasnt completely empty but sure does look big alongside us.
Derek and Dot

Jenny and Robin said...

Looks just like 4zees at home with the chairs, table and sun umbrella all set out on the grass!!

Cheers from Robin and Jenny

Derek and Dot said...

Hi you two
Yes just like home, first time this summer we have had them out.
Thinking of you all Dot and Derek