Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Kiwi meeting in Blackburn

6 Locks, 9 Miles. Now moored at bridge 107.

It was a very early start today to get through Blackburn locks while all the hooligans were still tucked up in their little beds. We had no sooner reached the bottom lock when the rain arrived in some heavy squally showers. Still, nothing for it but to carry on. All I can say for Blackburn is RUBBISH and plenty of it. You name it and you will probably find it in the canal going through this once great industrial town. Twice we heeled over as we glided over the top of some submerged object. I suspect they were armchairs or sofa’s as there was no grating noise that you usually get when you run over something metal.

blackburn 010 Blackburn suburbia.

Once clear of the top lock we pulled in outside the ASDA supermarket for supplies and it wasn’t long before 3 other boats joined us. I went off to the supermarket and left Dot in charge of the boat to recuperate after doing the locks. Upon my return we were in the process of putting the groceries away when Nb Northern Pride arrived with Barry and Sandra. We had just boiled the kettle so out came an extra couple of cups and we had a very convivial hour or so getting to know each other on a face to face basis. These guys are New Zealand bound very soon to get hitched on Gisborne beach so we wish them well on their wedding day and hope to see them again on their return. It appears that the canal bug has bitten them and what was to be a 6 month adventure looks to be extended indefinitely.

blackburn 007 Their six month holiday almost over Barry and Sandra are heading home to Gisborne in about 6 weeks.  Hope to catch up again next year down south.

blackburn 014 Eanam wharf Blackburn. The gates at both ends of the canopy are  supposedly locked after 5pm.

blackburn 016All access to the canal now filled in but the old working boats would moor right at the door.

It was mid afternoon before we finally got underway again and as is the case the skies cleared and the sun came out after we had moored up for the night just short of Rishton.

 1788 locks, 3675½  miles, 66 tunnels, 83 swing bridges and 53 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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