Thursday, 20 August 2009


0 Locks, 11 Miles, 1 Tunnel. Now moored at bridge 141.

Burnley 015Burnley Wharf which was supposed to be secure moorings. The towpath ran right through the place with The Inn on the Wharf at the far end.

Our eventual destination changed several times today when we found on arrival at each point that it wasn’t very good moorings. Our first port of call was the Hapton boat yard for diesel @ 55p litre. There are visitor moorings here but this was too soon after setting off so we flagged that one away. We did speak to another boater who had stayed there over night who gave us a few hints on where we might moor for the night.

Burnley 009 Weavers Triangle Burnley. The workers couldn't have lived any closer to work.

The next stop was the BW yard at Rose Grove where we took advantage of the facilities. As a mooring they were OK but as it was such a lovely day for cruising we decided to push on. Gannow tunnel came and went, all 559 yards of it. Weavers Triangle was another recommended secure mooring which looked very nice but not what I would call secure.

Burnley 035 Coronation Street I hear you say?

Cruising through Burnley wasn’t as bad as Blackburn with a lot less rubbish in the canal but probably more derelict buildings and it was very interesting going across the Burnley Embankment which splits the town into two. The embankment is 60ft high and ¾ of a mile long and basically all you see are roof’s and chimney pots by the row. Just as we entered the embankment we spotted a boat leaving a mooring above Tesco’s and it turned out to be Bernard and Christine on Nb  Sunshine who we first met at Osney Lock, Oxford in the 2007 flooding. We haven’t seen them for a while so it was a nice surprise.

Burnley 036 Terraced housing, No front yard just this little back yard.

After this we passed through semi urban area’s with occasional green area’s and park’s. Eventually we settled upon the offside secure moorings at Morrison’s supermarket in Nelson. There are only moorings for 2 boats which were full on arrival but one boat crew said they were just leaving and the other left shortly afterwards. We will see how things go as it is late in the afternoon and there are no signs stating any time limits and it is a secure site.  While sitting here writing the blog a European male has just walked up the path from the road opposite with a rubbish bag full of rubbish. Did he put it in the rubbish bin provided by the council, NO , he walked straight past it and threw the rubbish in the canal and then walked off. Is that brainless or what?  Don’t these people have any pride?

Burnley 042 Pendle View Mill. How many luxury apartments would you get out of this old mill?

We saw no sign of the green algae that British Waterways have notified everyone about, Barry and Sandra on Nb Northern Pride said it was bad when they came through here a couple of days ago but there is no sign of it today.  We noticed it further south at Church and Rishton though and it appears to be moving south.

1788 locks, 3694 miles, 67 tunnels, 86 swing bridges and 53 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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