Tuesday, 11 August 2009


4 Locks, 5 Miles, 1 Swing bridge. Now moored at BW Wigan.

We awoke to find ourselves on a rather bad list this morning probably due to so many boats passing through here yesterday and the fact that Appley lock no 91 has a leak problem. Even though it was drizzling with rain we decided to move regardless as we had a prescription to pick up in Wigan..

Once we got to Dean lock no 90 we could also see that this lock only held half the quantity of water of Appley lock and would have to be emptied twice just to maintain the status quo in a very long pound. We have reported it to BW as a water shortage problem.

Along the way we picked up a travelling companion to make things easier but they were also going to do the Wigan flight today which we plan to do tomorrow Hopefully we will pick up another travelling companion then.

We have now put our feedback report in on the Liverpool Link to BW Wigan and been into town for our prescriptions and supplies so it will be a quiet night tonight in readiness for our assault on the Wigan flight, 21 locks plus one extra. We will probably need a couple of days to rest up after that.  We have been invited to join Bev and John on Nb Matilda who we first met in Liverpool for a drink tonight, so moderation is the name of the game.  They are currently in the dry dock here at Wigan.

Liverpool 349 No photos today so found this one that was taken in Liverpool.  The biggest Chinese archway outside of China. Present to Liverpool in 2000 by the sister city of Shanghai.

1753 locks, 3650 miles, 66 Tunnels, 83 swing bridges and 53 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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Sue said...

Hi there Gypsy Rover
It was good to bump into you again at BW Wigan. I hope you enjoy your journey to Leed. Maybe see you again sometime. Sue on Cosy Toes