Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sixty Three and Five Eighths.

0 Locks, 7½ Miles and 3 Swing bridges. Now moored at bridge 118.

blackburn 025 Gypsy Rover at bridge 107 Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Here we are moored out in the countryside apparently miles from anywhere and yet this morning we found that some brainless rat bag had managed to pull our front pin out and drop it in the canal. Luckily it was the type with an attached loop to pass the rope though so as not to lose it. I had buried the pin into the ground right up to the very end at an angle because the ground was a bit on the soft side but he still managed to pull it out.  Luckily we were sitting on the muddy bottom which had created some suction on the base plate so we hadn’t moved even when a boat went past.

blackburn 037 Aqueduct across the M65 motorway looking back at Rishton.

Today was a milestone in that we have passed the halfway mark on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Church where there is a special marker showing that the 2 cities are exactly 635/8 miles apart. The scenery along the way has been spectacular, just a shame the sun wasn’t shining. The constant reminders of days gone by where moorings rings on walls where a mill or factory had once been or the remains of the Beehive coke ovens of the former Aspen colliery near Church have kept Dot busy with the camera.

blackburn 060 Half way point on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. 635/8 miles in either direction.

The only down side for the day was the appearance of green Algal Bloom on the water. We had received an email from BW several days ago to advise of it’s presence but didn’t expect to see it quite so soon. We spoke to some fishermen and a canoeist who were quite unaware of it’s presence and it toxicity. The canoeist was very grateful for the information.

blackburn 039 A solitary reminder of the 19th century industrial North.

blackburn 046Remains of Beehive coke ovens from Aspen Colliery near the village of Church. There were 15 ovens here.

blackburn 068Peel Arm at Church now disused but still in water. A marina in the waiting perhaps? 

1788 locks, 3683  miles, 66 tunnels, 86 swing bridges and 53 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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