Friday, 14 August 2009

Lost in the post.

0 Locks, Miles. Now moored at bridge 79A.

First job this morning was to return to Frederick’s Ice Cream parlour because our 1 litre pack from yesterday didn’t seem to last very long. It hasn’t all disappeared but there’s not much left. Must be that little man in the fridge that turns the light on and off!

Due to our prescriptions from the doctor to the chemist going missing in the mail ( Royal Mail does it again) we had to return to Wigan today and the best way was to move up to Chorley where we could catch a bus. This turned out not to be quite as easy as originally thought as the only place we could moor up was between bridges 78 and 79 right alongside the M61. As this was so far out from town it meant catching a No10 bus into Chorley bus station and then a No 362 to Wigan.

This round trip took four and a half hours from the time we left the boat to stepping back aboard again. Due to the noise of the motorway we decided to move on a bit to where the motorway moves away from the canal. It had been suggested that we could moor just past bridge 79A where there are reputed to be good moorings. Well we did this but found that we couldn’t get within 3 feet of the bank, the canal appears to getting quite shallow here. We finally managed to squeeze in on the edge of the winding hole where water depth is good.

Tomorrow morning I will have to walk back to bridge 78 as I found a small auto accessory shop nearby where I ordered some filters as the engine will be due for servicing in about a week or so.

1775 locks, 3662½  miles, 66 tunnels, 83 swing bridges and 53 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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