Sunday, 16 August 2009

Out in the countryside.

0 Locks, 3 Miles. Now moored at Riley Green.

The moorings at Johnson’s Hillock locks were not the most salubrious what with having a road right outside our window and the Top Lock pub . It was a case of cars roaring up and down and the incessant banging of car doors as people went to and fro from the pub.

Riley Green 006 Gongoozlers of a different kind at bridge 84 Wheelton Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

As the weather wasn’t too bad, not what was forecast, we moved on to Riley Green where there is a bit of confusion if you try to follow the Pearson’s book because the bridge numbers don’t match. Just to make matters more confusing the permanent moorings are now the visitor moorings. There are also 48 hour moorings outside the Boatyard Inn. We had only just moored when the skies open and the forecasted rain arrived. It’s been sun and showers all afternoon but now this evening the clouds have gone and it’s turned out a beautiful evening.

Riley Green 009 Bridge 89 Ollerton Ford  Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

We bumped into this guy in the Grand Arcade shopping complex at Wigan the other day. Unless you are over sixty you probably won’t know much about this great little entertainer.

Riley Green 003George Formby at the Grand Arcade shopping complex Wigan.

1782 locks, 3666½  miles, 66 tunnels, 83 swing bridges and 53 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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