Monday, 17 August 2009

Good Day’s Fishing.

Today we decided to have a rest day before heading through Blackburn tomorrow.  As to be expected I spent a few hours out on the back of the boat. This years fishing has so far been nothing but rubbish with only small fry or totally nothing but today was a different story. With a morning and an evening session I managed only 5 fish but with 2 Roach around the 1lb mark and 3 Bream in the 2 – 3lb range it couldn’t have been better with these prize winning specimens.  Unfortunately no photos as Dot was doing some housekeeping on the computer for a while apart from the time she had her nose in a book.


Anonymous said...

Dave says what bait were you using or is it a closely guarded secret?


Derek and Dot said...

Hi Hetha nd dave
No secrets tinned corn and bread. Derek caught another good one a w short while ago here too.